Being Human - Full Series (2011)

All characters are likable.  They each have a unique take on the show's namesake.  
The show has interesting insights into different monster cultures.  It builds on the old tropes in a way that is fun to discover.

The show relies too heavily on the "something crazy just happened" but "jk, it was just a dream" plot cliche. 
Characters often make stupid decisions, not to develop plot, but because the writer needed episodic conflict.  This is especially true with Nora.
The show simultaneously widens and narrows its scope, ultimately settling on a narrow scope.  This is good for the resolution of relational plots, but not for the big picture.  All the characters gain abilities that make them superior to their kind, but they don't really use them for the betterment of their kind.  They have the right (and sometimes responsibility) to be kings and queens of their worlds, but they withdraw in a way that seems like the least interesting path.
Sometimes monster cultures are not fully fleshed out.  The vampire leadership, for example, seems to build to something that is never pays off.