Paddington 2014

Amazing style.  Set design is always unique and interesting.  Visual transitions are clever and fun.
Narration and dialogue are well written.
Childish fun that's never too immature for adults.
Heartwarming, and besides for the father's rooftop speech, isn't cheesy.


Mid-plot conflict caused by a miss dumb and unbelievable understanding.   Just as with every movie with an abnormal character joining a normal family: 1) character enters family through bizarre circumstances, 2) one family member hates the guest, 3) guest discovers normal family has issues, 4) guest gets blamed for some misunderstanding, 5) family boots the guest, 6) family realizes they need the guest when the antagonist realizes the family is made better because of the guest, and 7) family saves guest and guest becomes family.  (Elf, Son In-law, Soldier, Beethoven)
Unnecessary villain.  Also, does every villain in a children's movie have to be someone who likes to murder animals?
Weird bear culture.  It's never fully explained.  Everyone is okay with a beat who can talk and lives among humans.