Avengers: Age of Ultron - 2015

  • No time wasted on re-rehashed origin stories.
  • Real tension during the Hulk freak-out. 
  • Ultron is a great villain (but more would have been better).
  • They actually made Hawkeye cool.  Go figure…

  • Long movie. 
  • Avengers fighting all the Ultron lackeys is like Neo fighting a million Agent Smiths.  (In other words, boring.)
  • If they really want us to identify with the “Hulk does bad things” plotline, he has to do something horrible (like kill people).  He has done no more damage than any other hero, so the “you don’t get how bad I am” plotline is running real thin.
  • There are so many characters, it feels like there is a long time between seeing them.  
  • The scene with the “I’m about to fall off the cliff that I should have gotten away from an hour ago” girl was really dumb.  Especially when Thor throws her literally a mile into the air, but falls just short enough that Captain America has to leap down and catch her.  That should have never made it out of editing.