The Judge (2014)

Excellent acting and a few great scenes manage to bring meaning to the movie's final moments.  Unfortunately, they never quite make up for the tired plots copied to make up the first two acts.


All plot points come associated with at least a thousand movies all based off the same premise.  In case you don't believe me, here is a list of clich├ęs (minor spoilers):
  • City man returns home to the small town he escaped (and to add bonus points, it was because of a death in the family).
  • Corrupt lawyer takes a impossible-to-win case that changes his heart.  
  • High school sweethearts reunited.  
  • Father and son's rocky relationship bridged by a serious illness.
  • Precocious little girl softens an old man's hard heart.
  • Family sentimentality brought on by old home movies.
  • Muffled audio to denote serious contemplation (3 times).
Also, no character should ever make-out with their niece and soon to be daughter.  That's messed.

Fury (2014)

Not one actor falls flat in their performance.  Their actions seem completely believable in this grim and dark showing of World War II.  And it is grim.  And it is dark.  This movie is stripped of its romanticism, but not its heroism.  These men endured much and sacrificed much, and that is what makes its conclusion all the more enthralling.


Of all its parts, only its structure falters.  All scenes seem strung together haphazardly, and if not for the character arcs of Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman, one would have no idea why one scene maters to another.  It's not until moments before the movie's conclusion that one has any idea what the movie has been progressing to.